Universal access to the Internet has been proposed as an efficient strategy to minimize the social divide and to grant access to technological advances and information to underprivileged classes. However, a major obstacle in this process has been the cost of the computational platform, both in terms of software and hardware. The Laboratory of Access Universalization (LUAR) , under the coordination of Prof. Sérgio Campos has started as part of a important initiative to change this picture, through the development of a low cost computer (The Popular Computer Project developed at the DCC-UFMG). Throughout the years LUAR has changed its approaches, including also in its research subjects equally important such as Model Checking, Video on Demand and Bioinformatics. LUAR has also participated in Technology transfers projects at UFMG (Metasys) and in Extension Programs ( Improvement Course in Bioinformatics  of UFMG and Bioinformatics Specialization – FUCAPI/Manaus).


  • SIGLa
  • Systems Biology
  • P2PTV
  • Model Checking
  • Flux-MED
  • FluxTransgenics
  • Flux-OJB
  • Flux-INMETRO